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It’s simple, you just need to do a pic of you, doing a heart with your hands.

I’ll do a collage of all the pics, but something special, you’ll see! I already have a lot of pic but I need more to do what I want, so please, just take 5 minuts to do a pic. I’m sure Tom will see it via tumblr!

  • Landscape format.
  • Over 500x300. 
  • When you send me the pic in my ask box give me your supercity name or your nickname or your twitter name.
  • A pic like this one is perfect.

    LIKE ( ♥ ) this post, ONLY if you will send me a pic later (You can also send me a message in my ask box).

    REBLOG this post, if you want to spread the world! :p


    Come on!!!:D

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